Andrea Welsh


I am bi and I am a physicist. //

I’m currently a PhD candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology in the School of Physics where I study active matter and nonlinear dynamics of biophysical systems, particularly pattern formation of aggregation of brine shrimp and chimeras in the FitzHugh-Nagumo model. I started the Society of Women in Physics at GT in 2014 and hosted the American Physical Society (APS) Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at Georgia Tech in 2016, which had over 200 attendees from the southeastern US. I’ve been a Safe Space: Peer Education facilitator of the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center at GT, and as Member-at-Large of the APS Forum of Graduate Student Affairs I coordinate a March Meeting session called “Stress and Strain: Mental Health and Graduate School” from which sprung the Mental Health in Physics Google Group. I’ve written “It’s time for physicists to talk about mental health,” which was published in Physics Today and was their fifth most read article of 2017.