Ana Bárbara Rodrigues Cavalcante


I am a lesbian and I am a physicist. //

I am a Brazilian female scientist and currently a postdoc in the Laboratory for High Energy Physics at EPFL. I decided to study physics at university because I find it challenging. Since the beginning, I realized I’d like to follow experimental physics. In 2011, I worked as a winter student for two months at CERN, the biggest laboratory in the world for high-energy physics. This experience made me realize I wanted to work at CERN. As a PhD student, I was awarded a Brazilian scholarship which allowed me to work at CERN for two years. My activities were focused on one of the key components of the LHCb SciFi Tracker: characterization and improvement of the scintillating fibers. As a postdoc, I am working on the data acquisition for a scintillating fiber tracker for the SHiP-charm experiment. I am also involved with outreach activities; in particular on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, I went to primary schools to present about women in science.