Alexander Calderon


I’m gay and I’m a biomedical sciences PhD student. //

I’m doing my thesis work in the laboratory of Dr. Gregory David studying the role of the chromatin modifying complex Sin3B in the context of normal and malignant hematopoiesis. I did my bachelor’s at Case Western Reserve University, where I was in the laboratories of Dr. Diana Ramírez-Bergeron and Dr. Aaron Proweller studying the role of Notch signaling on early mesodermal progenitors and smooth muscle cell biology, respectively. Visibility in science is incredibly important to me. As a gay Latinx student, there are not as many role models for me to directly relate to when it comes to my place within science, especially when it comes to the intersectionality of my various identities. While my scientific work speaks for itself, having someone who understands where you’re coming from as you’re going through life is incredibly important during your training; not having to explain to someone the way you feel is cathartic. I served as the Diversity Chair of our student council in my institution’s student council and am currently the head of the Student Diversity Initiative here at Sackler. I hope that throughout my graduate career and beyond, I can help to foster a diverse research environment.