Alejandro Aragon


I am gay and I am a PhD student in plant evo-devo. //

I’m a PhD student at Langebio in Mexico. My research is focused on gene conservation and deep homology events during root evolution using ferns and angiosperms as plant models. I came from a small town at the northwest part of Mexico. I’ve wanted to become a scientist since I was in elementary school. During these grad school years, I realized that I enjoy doing science but also I want to grow and become more complete and empathic human being. I have an enormous passion for movies and visual arts which influences my microscopy and figure design work. Also, I’m a big supporter of mental health awareness in the scientific community. I’m openly gay in my personal and professional life. And I’ve found amazing supporters: my family, close friends, my advisers, lab partners, colleagues. For me, growing up gay and becoming a scientist has turned into a double threat because my curiosity has acquired a freedom that’s always asking for more. So, let’s see where I’m able to go further.