Abed Haddad


I am queer and I am a chemist.//

I am a chemistry Ph.D candidate at City College of New York, where I started my work by developing a Surface Enhanced Raman-based method for quantitation of fentanyl in heroin and cocaine. After, I shifted my work towards cultural heritage science, as I am interested in the application of spectroscopic and elemental techniques for non-invasive and micro-invasive analysis of art objects. I have been collaborating with conservators and scientists at the Museum of Modern Art, New York to inform preservation and exhibition practices, in addition to long term projects for elucidating the composition of pigments used by the likes of Matisse, Pollock, and Vuillard. As a queer person, I am fortunate to work in a museum environment where diversity is celebrated and elevated, and to work alongside other queer folks who are just comfortable in their skin as I am.

Instagram @mr_akbean