Aaron Fairweather


I am queer and I am an entomologist. //

I’m a non-binary entomologist working on my PhD at the University of Guelph. My passion for the field lies deep: I worked with the entomology collection at the New Brunswick Museum in high school, did my Bachelor of Science in environmental biology, and quickly moved onto a masters with M. Alex Smith understanding ant morphological and phylogenetic diversity in the protected and disturbed forests of Ontario and New Brunswick, CA. My current research is with Nigel Raine studying the sublethal impact of pesticides on eusocial insect health, namely ants, bumblebees, and squash bees. I have loved science and insects for as long as I can remember, but while understanding them has come easy, understanding myself has been more difficult. I am here to share my story because without stories like these I would not have begun to accept all that I am, found my husband, and my happiness.