Vishwadeep Mane


I am gay and I am a PhD student at the Indian Institute of Science.//


I am PhD student, currently working at the Indian Institute of Science. By training I’m a microbiologist. However, my interest in bridging ecology with microbiology helped me to work on many research endeavors that included- Plant-Microbial interactions in nature during my under-graduation. I have also ventured into the role of microbial ecology in generation of traditional medicines which involve fermentation as a procedure as a part of my Master’s degree dissertation. Currently, I am working on the mechanical aspect of leaf morphogenesis in plants and its linkage with the genetic architecture.
I identify myself as a LGBT+ person and want to work on sensitization of people through education at a preliminary level as a part of school curriculum. In the long run, making academia an inclusive space to work with person who identify themselves as LGBT+ and implementation of anti-discriminatory policies through education and outreach is what I want to work for.