Megan Mullis


I am a lesbian and I am a marine biology PhD student.//

I am a lesbian and have been a marine biologist since I was 10 years old. I was fascinated by the natural world and wanted to explore everything around me. I received my BS in marine biology at the University of Southern Mississippi in 2016. I loved my time in MS with my friends and now fellow colleagues. I was truly enlightened to how many individuals are still easy to judge when just knowing one piece of my identity. I was out to everyone except for the science department for fear of exclusion. I decided to move to Texas for my PhD and work on marine microbiology. Moving to TX allowed me to start over and become exactly who I wanted to be from the beginning. I study microorganisms in extreme environments and how they attempt to survive. We use a combination of bioinformatic and geochemical analyses to examine the big picture of microbial ecology.

Twitter: @marinemegan; Instagram: @mmullis12