Jesús Alcázar-Treviño


I am gay and I am a PhD candidate in biodiversity and conservation.//


Hi everybody! I am a spanish predoctoral researcher at the ‘Universidad de La Laguna’ (ULL, Tenerife, Spain). I am a biologist: I hold a BSc in Biology from the ‘Universidad Autónoma de Madrid’ (UAM) and MSc in Marine Biology by ULL. I have spent the last years researching deep-diving whales and their ecosystem here in the Canary Islands. I study bioacustics: how these animals use sound to coordinate in groups and hunt. Pretty cool!

I am also part of a national association to defend the rights of predoctoral researchers in Spain: ‘Asociación FPU Investiga’.

I am always up for being part of these kind of initiatives to support our LGBTQAI+ community, so count me in!!

And don’t be afraid to message me 🙂
¡Un abrazo!