Diego Almendras


I am gay and I am a marine biologist and environment/science communicator.//


I am a freelance environmental consultant, science communicator, and part of RE-SIMPLE, a small NGO with the aims to cooperate with local strategies for the understanding of nature and the defense of territories. Currently we are working with indigenous communities and their ethnobiology and ancestral knowledge, and under the pandemic lockdown we are mining social media to uncover data on uncommon Chilean eagle rays.

Also I’m running ZINERD, a science fanzine initiative to share knowledge, because, why not? If you speak Spanish, check out instagram.com/holazinerd

In my free time I’m very active on iNaturalist, always trying to be outside/or underwater. Also, I enjoy bike touring and lgbtq+ events.

Usually I move from one place to another, but I always return to my husband, where we live in Coquimbo, Northern Chile, with our two cats and plants.