Cinthia Tiberi Ljungqvist


I am queer and I am a marine biologist.//

I always loved and cared for nature as a child, the choice of career was therefore easy. With my deep interest for marine mammals and their acoustics behaviour I became national project manager for a scientific project called SAMBAH – Static acoustic monitoring of the Baltic sea harbour porpoise. The aim was to increase the knowledge of the endangered Baltic sea harbour porpoise. We studied their moment and estimated their density. The project discovered new important fact that are now taken in to consideration in marine management and exploitation in hope for the population to increase and stabilize in the region. These days I work with marine management within the government. My focus is mainly on coastal water areas applying actions to decrease the eutrophication and improve important shallow areas vital for predator fish. All in order to try and save the Baltic sea from a complete ecological collapse.
With consideration to my queer identity I try to increase knowledge and inclusion at my work sites that are mostly very heteronormative, middleclass and white. I especially try to fight extra and higher my voice for trans people who I see are very excluded and invisible for the rest of society.