Alex Moore

None. I go by Alex only!

I am queer and I am a community and ecosystem ecologist.//

I am an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow and I study how predator-prey interactions and the cultural values of local communities influence ecosystem health in tropical coastal wetlands to help inform their conservation and restoration. We are in a time punctuated by significant environmental change and social injustice, with problems spanning every known spectrum. Such diverse challenges require diverse solutions, and these can only be generated by embracing diversity in all its forms. Being a queer person of color has always been a salient part of my identity and it’s important that I consistently bring these parts of myself into every space that I enter. Yet giving diversity a seat at the table only matters if it is also given equal voice and power – in my work, I create space for diversity to heard, respected, and valued.

Instagram: @doctor.alex.m