Val Yianni


I am gay and I am a post-doctoral researcher working on stem cells.//


My name is Val and I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at King’s College London. My main focus being on stem cell biology and understanding how stem cells interact with their environment using a number of techniques such as single cell RNA-sequencing. The main goal being to better understand the underlying biology regulating stem cells so that this can be translated into regenerative/therapeutic approaches.

While I have lived all of my adult life in London, I was born and raised in Cyprus. Growing up in a relatively homogenous and predominantly conservative society was a struggle when coming to terms with being gay. My early upbringing highlighted to me the importance of having diversity in a community. Diversity of thought and diversity of representation, from multiple people that may not necessarily share your own lifestyle/beliefs etc but equally respect each other nonetheless.

As a scientist I believe it’s the STEM communities responsibility to mentor young talented scientists so they can work towards becoming their best selves. In addition as LGBTQAI+ providing more visibility so other lab members/colleagues feel comfortable in the work environment and showing their ‘true colours’. Outside of the lab I enjoy baking, listening to music and travelling. Feel free to contact me below so science or otherwise.