Siddharth Garg


I am gay and I am a professor of computer engineering.//


I’ve been a professor of computer engineering professor at NYU since 2014, before which I was a professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Prior to that I spent five wonderful years in Pittsburgh from my PhD at Carnegie Mellon. My research interests are at the intersection of machine learning, cyber-security and computer hardware design, but I’m easily convinced to work on stimulating problems in a wide range of areas. I love and appreciate the freedom that academia provides and the opportunity to work with and mentor talented young researchers.

Growing up gay in India, where it’s still very much a social taboo, wasn’t easy, especially at a tech. focused undergraduate institution. Although I had many close friends, I also felt isolated because I could not discuss an important part of who I am. Fast-forward fifteen years and several people I went to school with are now out and proud, as am I. Going to CS/engineering conferences may feel that way sometimes, but know that you’re not alone!