Miles Ott


I’m trans and I’m a biostatistician and Assistant Professor of Statistical and Data Sciences. //

Growing up as a gender non-conforming “tomboy,” I had a mix of wonderful and not-so-wonderful experiences with math and science. Before college, I had STEM teachers who punished me when I reported being harassed by fellow students, and STEM teachers who gave me extraordinary support and encouragement. As an undergraduate student at Smith College, I majored in math and minored in computer science. My classmates and professors were phenomenal. I don’t think I would have ended up in STEM had I not gone to a women’s college, and I’m so grateful for that experience. After graduation, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I loved math and CS, but I didn’t know how I could use those skills to help people. After a lot of searching, I found public health and biostatistics. Now I’m an Assistant Professor in the Statistical and Data Sciences program at Smith College. I hope that I can be there for my students and mentees in the way that my own mentors were—and continue to be—there for me.