Kevin Muñoz Forti


I am gay and I am a molecular biologist.//

I have a BS in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico, an MS in Biotechnology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and I am working towards my PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Missouri working in exocrine biology and signaling. My identity has always been an issue for me. As a gay latino white male I am constantly told that I am not “really latino” because I was born in the US but that I am not “American enough” because I was born to Puerto Rican parents and raised in PR. Interestingly, although I did not really struggled with my sexual identity, this problem extended into my science where I struggled to answer “what am I? a biomedical researcher, biotechnologist, or biochemist?” My goal is to become an academic researcher and represent both my community and my island.

Instagram: @kmunozforti