Kate Moore


I am a lesbian and I am a mathematician and postdoc.//

I spend my days thinking about the question: What defines a community? This particular research question feels fitting because I spent so much of my young life asking if I could ever “belong.” It turns out that I was probably asking the wrong question. I’ve learned (many times) that it takes guts to make relationships and to accept myself. I’ve also found it to be worth it. What does it mean to be a community (i.e., a cluster)? What does it mean to be important to those around you (i.e., locally central)? I try to give elegant, clear, and meaningful mathematical descriptions of these sociological-philosophical concepts. My work draws from and touches many fields within math, statistics, science, and technology. This means that I’m always learning, often feeling like I know “nothing”, and sometimes thinking: we might just be stumbling on something really interesting here. It’s very challenging and thrilling.

Instagram: @chaos_with_kate