Kat Friedrich


I’m gay and I’m a news editor and science communicator. //

It’s very important to me to encourage and mentor the next generation of LGBTQ people in STEM. I have had a shortage of mentoring for my entire career and want to be there for young people who are new to doing science-related new media work. I am a news editor at Yale University, where we have two student-powered and solutions-oriented environmental websites. We produce articles, events, conversations, and podcasts. Our work is designed to accelerate environmental innovation. We have a diverse and energetic team. I am a former mechanical engineer with a graduate degree in science and environmental journalism. Studying engineering opened many doors for me; I grew up in a working-class Chicago environment with a lot of Mexican cultural influences. After moving to New England, I became very interested in mentoring. I have mentored a few journalists who have science and technology interests. One of them is queer and is doing well professionally. LGBTQ journalists also participate in the new media events I co-organize for Online News Association Western New England. I support LGBTQ journalists being heard in the new media industry.