Kat Friedrich


I’m gay and I’m an editor and journalist. //


I got into journalism because I wanted to speak up about social movements and their relationship to engineering, sustainability and technology. I grew up in Chicago’s creative urban environment with Mexican-American cultural influences around me. As a high school student, I participated in journalism. And after working on hybrid cars and power electronics as a mechanical engineer, I put myself through an interdisciplinary master’s degree program in Science and Environmental Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a graduate student, I wrote guides to diversity-friendly science education. That workplace gave me on-the-job training to begin to manage news projects and edit books and websites. Since then, my DIY attitude and engineering degree have led to opportunities I would not have imagined. I’ve edited three news publications about clean energy and another one about ecosystem conservation. Now, I work as an editor and content analyst at a solar-software startup from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. On the side, I do freelance writing about the digital transformation our society is going through. It’s an exciting time to be on the technology beat and write quantitative stories. I encourage the readers of this website to follow their stars.