Brooke Parziale


I am a lesbian/ queer and I am a conservation field technician and leader.//

A desire for new experiences brought me into conservation. I studied history in my undergraduate days, wanting to become an academic. I actively avoided science and math classes, scared of quantitive curriculum. While I was a senior, I was compiling a list of internships for my department. I came across the Student Conservation Association, and on a whim, applied to work as a conservation trail technician in the Salmon-Challis National Forest in Idaho. I had never gone hiking or camping beforehand. After six months, I found myself backpacking into wilderness areas, conducting fire regeneration surveys, and teaching people about Leave No Trace. I just finished up my second season with the SCA doing a 27 backcountry immersion in Yellowstone with some awesome high school volunteers. I hope to continue working in conservation and am thankful for the many queer friends I have made who showed me that anyone can be a scientist!

Instagram: @bcparziale